Helpful Hints to Create Mouthwatering Menus

A great menu design can truly enhance a restaurant’s dining experience. After all, helping your customers make delicious choices they will be satisfied with is the sole purpose of your menu. The key is to think of your menu as being more than just a list of your available dishes. It is truly a marketing tool you can use to showcase your brand and drive profits.

Our experts love helping restaurants across the country give their menus a fresh, new look. Here are a few tips to consider when designing your next set of menus!

Think Logically


Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Sharing promotional information via mail is something businesses have been doing for many years – and for good reason! Direct mail is a targeted, cost-effective way to get your message across. EBA Printing has been helping businesses since 1959 and our experts know what it takes to create a successful campaign. Here are a few reasons direct mail is worth the investment.


Measuring the success of your campaign can be quite simple. By adding a unique key or code to your piece, you can keep track of the number of people who …

Tips for Better Print Design

When it comes to printing projects, it is easy to get stuck in a routine. We like to encourage clients who have been working with us for a while to try new things every so often, just to mix it up. As we prepare for a new year, it is a great time to do exactly that. Our team of graphic design and printing experts at EBA Printing have a few tips to share that can help give your printed items a fresh new look.

Modern Typography

It is amazing how great of an impact typography can make on printed pieces. Outdated or overused fonts do not have much of a “wow…

Why Use A Professional Calendar Printing Company?

It is no secret a professional printer has a great deal to offer, especially when it comes to calendars. The experts at EBA Printing want to help you understand the benefits of working with an experienced company for your calendar printing projects. Here’s a quick overview.

We have all seen those free templates you can download online and print at home. While those can be useful for someone who needs a quick-fix for personal use – just something to toss in their purse – they don’t do much to help you market your business.…

The Keys To Excellent Branding

When starting a new company (or looking to re-brand an existing one) there are a number of things to take into account. At EBA Printing, our knowledgeable staff works to help clients across the United States develop materials for their company. Though technology has improved for in-office printing, working with a professional printer is essential and a worthy investment. These items are just a few to consider when working on branding.

Logo and Stationery

From a visual standpoint, your logo is the most important piece of collateral…

Why Print Marketing Is Worth The Investment

Marketing has become such a broad industry. Many companies struggle with where to allocate their budget. As experts in print marketing, we see the true value printed projects bring to companies of all sizes, as well as the return on their investment.

Especially for small businesses, it is easy to overlook paid advertising strategies in favor of free options like social media. While these are great tools, they are only so effective on their own. To truly capture their full potential, they should be used alongside other tools.

With all …

Get The Most From Your Holiday Marketing

If there is one thing we find ourselves saying quite often it’s this: time flies! It is hard to believe we have officially entered “holiday season.” What does that mean for businesses? It is time to start getting things finalized for direct mail campaigns. The experts at EBA Printing have a few tips for you to help get your direct mail printing project through the press and off to customers just in time.

Embrace The Theme Of The Season

The holidays are a fun-filled, joyful time – make your printed marketing materials reflect …

How to Create an Effective Brochure

It’s not often you hear marketing teams talking about brochures. For many, they’re an afterthought. They may not have the “wow” factor of some other elements, but a well designed brochure can have great benefits for your company. The experts at EBA Printing have been helping create stunning printed marketing pieces since 1959 and have a few tips to share with you. Read on for more.

Know Your Customers

Just as with any marketing strategy, it’s important to know a bit about who you’re targeting. By doing so, you can better ca…

Print Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

The beauty of printed marketing materials is simple. They offer a tangible representation of your brand. Best of all, printing is more affordable than ever before. If you are a small business owner looking for some new marketing ideas, we can help with that! The experts at EBA Printing have been helping businesses produce high quality yet affordable printing pieces since 1959. Consider these items for your own company!

Posters and Banners

Need a way to showcase sales or promotions in your store? An oversized print mounted on foam cor…

Tips For Creating Great Business Cards

For many people, your business card acts as a first impression. A chance to grab their attention and impress or, in some cases, miss the mark. Our team of printing and design experts at EBA Printing want to help you create stunning, high quality business cards you can be proud of. Here are a few tips you can consider when working on a design.

Try It On For Size

The first thing to determine is the size of card you will be printing. The standard dimensions for business cards are 3.5 x 2 inches. The standard size fits nicely into a wallet or card hold…

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