Setting Up Files For Print

As a family owned and operated printing company that has been around since 1959, we have seen our fair share of great and, well, not so great print project files. One of the most common reasons a project takes longer than projected is due to improper setup or errors in the files. We want to help you avoid these hold-ups, so we have provided a couple quick tips to help you set up your files more efficiently.


When creating a design file, there are two color options: CMYK (four color) and RGB (three color). Many colors created in one typ…

How The Print Industry Has Become More “Green”

As a printing company, we’re often asked the question, “How is it possible to be environmentally friendly but use print advertising?” Many people likely assume all print marketing is harmful for the environment and that just simply isn’t the truth. The printing industry as a whole has made incredible strides over the past several years to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact for printed materials. Here’s a glimpse into those changes.

Reduced Consumption

You’ve probably seen the phrase “made from r…

What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Today’s consumers are all about options. Take the grocery store for example – for any given type of item, the shelves are filled with dozens of choices from brands to flavors to organic and more. With that said, when it comes to marketing your product, it’s a good idea to give your customers options. That’s exactly what multi-channel marketing is all about.

A simple description of multi-channel marketing is the use of a variety of tools – email, mail catalogs, website, retail stores, mobile, social media – t…

3 Marketing Trends Worth Your Time

Ever feel like each time you turn your head, there’s a new “must-have” marketing tactic available? We know how that is. Keeping up with marketing trends can be a job in and of itself, but not every trend is worth your time. Our print marketing experts are here to offer a bit of guidance and clue you in on a few strategies we feel are worth a shot. Keep reading to learn more!

Content Marketing

Content has been all the rage in 2016. As we come to the true intersection of digital and print, where the two can work in harmony to create a spectacul…

What’s Popular in Print for 2016

Our last article, “Is Printing Dead? No! Here’s Why.” explained why direct mail and other traditional marketing tactics are still going strong. With all of that said, we think it’s time to take a look at some of the industry’s trends for 2016. Print, as a whole, is booming and we’re thrilled to see the excitement towards new opportunities. Here are a few of the most popular print project types throughout the United States.

Powerful Packaging (and Labeling)

With so many products available on the market today, it can be diff…

Is Printing Dead? No! Here’s Why.

It seems everywhere we turn there’s someone proclaiming “digital is taking over” in the world of marketing. The truth is, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While there’s no arguing digital has absolutely grown over the past 10 years, print pieces are still an essential element in the marketing mix. Here’s why.

Igniting The Senses

One of the greatest benefits to printed materials is simple: they are tangible. Even something as small as a business card can be held in your hand and saved in a way a digital version never …

Why Should You Use Direct Mail Marketing?

In a digital-focused world, we often get asked the question “why should we use direct mail instead of email?” There’s no question technology has completely changed the marketing industry as a whole, but it has (in a sense) helped to boost the effectiveness of traditional print marketing materials. Here are a few reasons direct mail marketing is a great thing to consider for your business.

Greater Trust

An increasing concern for consumers today is privacy and identity protection. With the unbelievable number of websites out …

What Are Intelligent Mail Services?

You’ve probably seen them before – those interesting strips of bars printed on envelopes, postcards, and more. Most people likely assume they’re used to help with tracking mail, and they’d be right. In this article, we’re giving you a bit more information about these unique aspects of direct mail in an effort to help you better understand how they can benefit your business.

What exactly are they?

The Intelligent Mail Barcode, also known as an IM barcode, is a 65-bar identification code used on mail pieces in the United …

Postage Rates Have Now Decreased!

No, you’re not seeing things – you read that correctly! As of April 10, 2016, the USPS has decreased their rates. This marks the second time in 2016 they will have changed prices. Of course, we want to be sure you are all aware of these changes!

Here’s a quick overview of the changes you’ll see.


These rates have decreased from $0.49 to $0.47 (a change of $0.02). Additional ounces have decreased from $0.22 to $0.21 (a change of $0.01). Additionally, the discounted “Metered Mail” group fo…

2016 Calendars – Custom Calendar Services

We provide custom calendar printing for bulk orders and wholesale. Our printing company offers a variety of customized options based on your needs.

The picture shown is for a recent 2016 calendar print project we did for a client located in Montana. They required a 12”x12” (open 12”x24”) full color wall calendar that was printed on 100# gloss cover (outside cover) and 80# gloss text (inside pages). The cover has a protective coating of aqueous. The bindery included saddle stitch, single hole drill and individually shrink w…

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