Using Pre-canceled Stamps to Improve Direct Mailing Results

Many companies are not aware that there are “live” stamps that can be used with a bulk direct mailing campaign. The stamps are available as 1st class presort, 3rd class presort and non-profit. The USPS postage for these stamps is the same rate as using an imprinted mail indicia. There are a number of advantages to using a stamp versus imprinting a mail permit (indicia) for a non-profit or school fundraiser and for business marketing campaigns.

Improve Open Ratio with Direct Mail

You will improve the open ratio of your mailing campa…

The Advantages of 8.5×11 Trifold Brochure Printing

A standard trifold brochure is a great marketing solution for a lot of businesses. It can be used in so many different ways. Additionally, an 8.5×11 full color trifold is relatively cheap to produce and mail (direct mail campaign).

Using as a Self-Mailer

The size of this marketing piece allows you to get a fair amount of information on the piece and break up into “digestible” pieces for the reader. You have six panels which allows you to layout a story about your product(s) and/or service(s). The finished size of this promotio…

Newsletter Printing: Developing a Marketing Strategy

Marketing your business with a custom newsletter printing project is a great strategy to expand your sales and gain new customers. This marketing strategy is a “soft marketing” approach that allows you to increase sales volume and get new referrals. In addition, unlike eNewsletters there will be no question whether your targeted audience got the marketing newsletter or not.

Here are the steps to putting together a good marketing piece:

Step 1 – Get Your Mailing List Together – This would initially seem like an easy step to a…

The Cart Before the Horse: Graphic Design Services

Every week we see two to three design projects which did not take into account the print and bindery production cost before the design was completed. It is important to consult with your printer about graphic design services for the project before hiring someone to do designs. A prospective client will engage a designer assuming that this person has taken into account the cost of making a catalog, letterhead, etc. Here are some real life examples.

A prospective client sent us artwork for letterhead, matching envelopes and business c…

Looking for Magazine Printing Companies

Finding good magazine printing companies for your project can be difficult. Many websites advertising print services for magazines are either brokers (reselling someone’s services) or are an overseas company.

The problem with using a broker/reseller is they have minimal control of the actual production. Printing a magazine or any other material is customized to your particular needs. This includes: size of the piece, type of paper to use for the cover and inside pages, protective coating for cover, mailing and distribution …

Preprinted Calendar versus Custom Calendar Printing

Promotional wall calendars are one of the few marketing items that is seen by a client for at least 12 months. Many businesses will try to save money with their 2015 calendar printing by purchasing pre-printed calendar pages and just imprinting their company name on the back inside page (this portion is 2” to 3” long and shows your company name throughout the year). This marketing strategy does not build any kind of brand awareness or indirectly communicate the value and service(s) of your company.

Providing a piece that is custom…

Carbonless Form Printing for Services

In the service industry using custom carbonless forms for onsite services and quotes is a requirement for electrician, landscaping, heating and air conditioning, painting, and plumping businesses. Without a two, three or four part carbonless form you are creating all sorts of customer and business issues. Let me share a real life example with you.

So I needed a tree cut down in my front yard. I asked around and got a referral for a tree service company. I called the referral in the morning and by early afternoon I got a call from the owner …

Best Realtor Printing Companies for Direct Mail Services

So your real estate business is growing but you want to stay in touch with your existing client base and gain more new clients. You’ve been doing a lot of electronic and internet marketing but not expanding your business as quickly as you would like. You know you need to change up the marketing strategy you’ve been using.

As the saying goes….”what is old is new again”….traditional printing and direct mail services are back. Realtors across the US are doing full color postcard mailers, direct mail brochures, newsletters, …

Postcard Mailer – Selecting the Right Sizes

Determining the right size for a postcard mailer is balance between production cost, postage cost and getting the attention of a customer and/or prospective customer. Postcards are available both in standard sizes and custom sizes from various printing companies.

Cheap 4×6 Postcards

Full color 4×6 postcard printing services are really cheap and are the least expensive to mail with regular 1st class postage. The cardstock used for these cards only needs to be 7PT or better to meet USPS mailing requires and printing cos…

Best Local Milwaukee Printing Company

Have you been searching for a local Milwaukee printing company to handle your printing needs? Well you can stop looking. EBA is a full service printer and mailing house serving the needs of local businesses and organizations throughout metro Milwaukee.

This is our 55th year of providing design services, 1 to full color printing, complete bindery services, and mail services for businesses in Brookfield, Brown Deer, Cedarburg, Grafton, Germantown, Glendale, Jackson, Menomonee Falls, Mequon, Milwaukee, Muskego, New Berlin, Pe…

Great customer service, friendly, easy to work with. The quality of the work is excellent. I recommend EBA Printing all the time.

Moshe R., Mequon, WI

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