2018 Graphic Design Trends

Graphic design plays a big role in the print industry and vice versa. With every new year, there are highly anticipated new design trends. For the year 2018, the trends are quite impressive as gradients make a come back and custom authenticity is at its prime. Here’s a look at some of the current trends taking over the graphic design world,

Custom Illustrations and Graphics Realistically, this will never go out of style. Having an original art style created to promote anything gains a positive response from customers. Illustrations a…

The Plus Side of Print

By now you’ve probably heard the saying, “Print Isn’t Dead”, followed by a long list of reasons why. Although technology still may hold preference in most consumers’ minds, print has its plus side. After all, what else could combat an internet savvy world than good old fashion print? Maybe you’ve heard mention of these points before, but here are some plus sides to using print for campaigns and advertising:

Print Has More Credibility When writing a paper for school, teachers usually insisted on finding resources from books rather th…

Measuring ROI on Print Campaigns

Return on investment (ROI) is a very important aspect of the business world. It is a key indicator that is used to determine the profitability of an expenditure. In other words, ROI measures the revenue generated by a company’s marketing activities. It is important because it helps make future business decisions to ensure financial success. Calculating your ROI will help you understand how well your business is doing and which areas are successful or need improvement.

How is it possible to measure the ROI on print campaigns? Print m…

How to Properly Set Up a Print File

After designers create their pieces, they have to submit them to be printed. This process is not as easy as emailing the printer their documents. There is a proper way to prepare documents for the printing process. Here are a few things to make note of when setting up files to be printed:

Embed Fonts You will want to be sure you embed your fonts when outputting a print-ready file, as this will ensure that the recipient of the file will see the same font displayed as your design intends, even if the fonts are not installed on the viewer’s comput…

The Power of Perception

The Color of Your Brand

The definition of perception is, the immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral psychological, or aesthetic qualities, sight; intuition; discernment (dictionary.com). So how does the perception of colors impact branding?

It’s interesting how everyone sees color differently. You might see red differently than your neighbor does and this can be heavily accredited to perception. Because colors are subject to things like personal preference, upbringing, and life experience, it’s …

Door Hangers: Why Use Them?

Many marketers are quick to dismiss certain types of printed materials as being outdated or ineffective. We are here to explain why those items – in this case, door hangers – are actually a great tool to advertise your business.

With so many options, it can be difficult to determine what will work best for your business. Door hangers have been used for years and continue to have significant advantages. In this post, we will explain a few of those advantages and help you understand why door hangers may be a great choice.


What Makes A Printing Company Great?

We live in a world of options. From the clothes you wear to the food you eat and everything in between, you are given the opportunity to make choices every day. For some, choosing a printing company may not seem like a huge priority. It is important to put some thought into who you do business with.

What makes a printing company great? The answer to that may vary from person to person. There are a number of things you can look for when making a decision.


Some companies are not well-equipped to handle every order they’re presented wi…

How To Make Catalogs That Wow

Many businesses thrive on online sales, others see most of their income from in-store purchases. No matter the case, catalogs are a great marketing tool for many industries. Whether you are a business-to-business wholesale retailer or a high-end boutique, a well-designed catalog can be a huge benefit.

Working with a reputable company is the first and most important step in the process. It is important to find a printer who has experience in printing the type of catalog you desire and is known for quality service. Before starting, yo…

Tips to Promote Your Small Business with Print Marketing

A lot of attention is directed toward digital marketing these days. Despite that, print marketing is still as effective as ever and a wonderful way to help grow your small business. Our experts have been helping develop unique print campaigns since 1959.

In this article, we’d like to share with you a number of ideas you may want to consider for marketing your own small business as we continue into 2017. Now is a great time to check progress on your plans, reevaluate your budget, and make some changes!

Business Cards and Loyalty Cards

We ha…

Simple Ways To Improve Your Poster Designs

Posters and flyers are two of the oldest forms of advertising still in use today. Starting in France in the mid-19th century, posters were used to showcase new products, events and more. After a short time, their use spread throughout Europe.

These days, posters continue to be an effective advertising medium for a variety of businesses. Interestingly enough, the best practices for design are quite similar now as they were back in the 1800s! Our fabulous team of printing experts has a great deal of experience helping clients create ca…

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