2018 Graphic Design Trends

Graphic design plays a big role in the print industry and vice versa. With every new year, there are highly anticipated new design trends. For the year 2018, the trends are quite impressive as gradients make a come back and custom authenticity is at its prime. Here’s a look at some of the current trends taking over the graphic design world,

  • Custom Illustrations and Graphics
    Realistically, this will never go out of style. Having an original art style created to promote anything gains a positive response from customers. Illustrations always bring a unique vibe to a piece and can easily stand apart from the competition. Another trend involving illustrations and graphics, is adding them to photos. Adding digital art to a realistic photo provides a sense of imagination and breaking the boundaries of reality.


  • Authentic Photos
    Speaking of photos, whether they’re original or stock, make sure they make a statement. No longer is plucking royalty-free images off the internet and hoping they resonate with customers enough. Unfiltered and unstaged photography is making a come back from 90’s advertising and is leaving customers with relatable emotions. Photos that tell a story are refreshing to see and natural compositions are going to win the hearts of customers.


  • Bold Serif Fonts
    Big and bold, that’s right, serif fonts are getting a little edgy and in-your-face. This trend is reminiscent of print advertising during the golden era. The sight of bold modern serifs are sure to be nostalgic as they remind customers of the headlines in newspapers, now seen in modern design.


  • Color Trends
    There are a lot of color trends to mention, like duotones and color channel. These trends break images into two colors (duotone) or into Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black/Red, Blue, Green (color channel). This gives designs a retro technology feel. The color channel can even give a holographic effect to a piece.

Perhaps the biggest color trend that’s making its way back into the spotlight is gradients. Seen mostly in websites and on the internet, gradients are also making an appearance in posters and advertisements. Solid colors and flat designs aren’t as popular this year as the multicolored trends press on.

There are plenty of other design trends for 2018 but these are some of the most popular ones. Even though trends change every year the quality still remains. Quality the most important part of any project or design work and it is most definitely the one trend that will never change.

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