3 Marketing Trends Worth Your Time

3-marketing-trends-for-2016Ever feel like each time you turn your head, there’s a new “must-have” marketing tactic available? We know how that is. Keeping up with marketing trends can be a job in and of itself, but not every trend is worth your time. Our print marketing experts are here to offer a bit of guidance and clue you in on a few strategies we feel are worth a shot. Keep reading to learn more!

Content Marketing

Content has been all the rage in 2016. As we come to the true intersection of digital and print, where the two can work in harmony to create a spectacular consumer experience, the content you produce is more important than ever. As an expert in your given field, you want to provide people with high quality, well written content that’s relevant and intriguing.

Location-Based Growth

With this strategy, the goal is to create an interactive experience for customers, knowing when to deliver content (both print and digital) to them at the right time to make the buying process as simple as possible. By knowing how your customers interact with your company in person and online, you can use tools like geo-location to digitally push out content depending on a customer’s location or send a mail offer if they’ve visited your store or e-commerce page, but haven’t purchased.

Loyalty Programs and Relationship Marketing

In today’s society, the ability to choose is more prevalent than ever. With that, building loyalty among your customers is absolutely crucial to maintaining consistent business. Most companies focus solely on winning new customers, but don’t spend enough time taking care of the ones they already have! Developing a loyalty program is a fantastic way to reward customers, encouraging them to make repeat purchases. If it’s possible for your line of work, an occasional personalized note thanking a customer for their business is a simple yet effective way to show them you truly value them.

There will always be new marketing tactics that promise to be the “next big thing,” but when it comes down to it, relationships are the heart of customer retention. Marketing tools may come and go, but you shouldn’t have to waste your time trying each and every one of them. Our experienced team at EBA Printing is here to offer expert advice for your next project!

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