3 Tips for Managing Your Hectic Schedule!

Do you ever take a look at your calendar and shudder as you consider all of the events and meetings that you must attend? Much as we’d like to think so, overbooking yourself and being persistently unavailable is not a badge of honor. On the other hand, it is a distress call for some first-aid on workload and calendar management. Calendar printing services can help to reduce your stress level to ensure that you function productively without anxiety or worry. Here are three tips for managing your hectic workload:

1. Reserve Time for Important Items

Most of these events can be scheduled and planned months in advance. Think over the next few weeks and decide how you want to spend your time. If you are a business owner, the most important items that you should schedule include one-on-one meetings, vacation time, time for solitude and training new employees. If you are a parent or in charge of extra-curricular activities such as coaching Little League or organizing the neighborhood block party, ensure that you keep enough time in your calendar for these responsibilities, even if they are not related directly to your job.

2. Review Your Calendar Each Week

Before the week begins, it’s a good idea to review the days coming ahead. Rather than having your secretary tell you about a surprise banquet that slipped your mind, refresh your memory Monday morning. A quick scan can help you discover events or functions that don’t necessarily require your time so you can shorten the duration of these meetings or eliminate them altogether to reduce your stress. If you notice any double bookings, looking at your calendar ahead of time can help you to make priority calls on which meetings you must attend or reschedule functions that must be changed.

3. Keep Time Slots Open

Whether you are a business owner or a work-at-home parent, you have a job to do. Let your employees, co-workers or family members know during which hours you will be available for impromptu discussions and during which hours you must focus on the job at hand. Planning ahead for open meetings and calls can reduce your anxiety and productivity as there is a less risk of disruption. This is particularly helpful if you are difficult to reach and typically unavailable during working hours.

Regardless of how hectic your schedule is, it is vital that you examine your calendar and remove events that don’t require your immediate attention. You can also choose from different layouts and experiment with the one that works best for you. Calendar printing services exist to help business owners and families in all industries and backgrounds so opt for one that helps you to reduce your stress the most.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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