Back to School: Back to Fundraisers

When summer ends, it means a break for moms. It’s an end of having kids at home all day who need entertaining. However, it also means it’s time to help schools and clubs raise the extra cash for all of your children’s activities, extracurricular and school needs. Before you consider just the typical bake sales once again, try thinking outside the box for this school year. Here are a few unconventional alternatives.

Sell Swag: Whether promoting a little league team or your local elementary, having a good inventory of made-to-order swag is a great way to have a stream of income for your group. Work with your local embroiderer or silkscreen printer to see if a discount is available for offering a long-term regular catalog of items. Consider clothing not only for parents and team/group members, but siblings, grandparents, and pets. If there is an in-crowd of moms, getting them on board with wearing the items will go a long way toward getting others to buy the swag, too.

Auctions and Reverse Auctions: Auctions are always a great way to raise fund. From items to experiences, there are a number of wonderful ways to sell things for schools and clubs. Bartering unique skills and experiences tend to garner quick interest and high price tags. Homemade gourmet food, boat rides, and yard landscape teams are wonderful ways to make an auction something special. If this isn’t enough, however, try sprucing it up with dinner theater or head to Groupon for artistic ideas, A new idea gaining traction is reverse auctions – where everyone gets a raffle ticket toward something undesirable, like getting stuck doing the dishes at the dinner auction or having to serenade the entire room. Then allow people to sell off their raffle tickets for a fee, where others pay to see them keep it and perform the task. It can be an entertaining twist and a little extra money in your team or school’s pocket!

Don’t Forget to Advertise: Consider going outside of your base group when looking for people to buy tickets or items. If you need a large group, consider a direct mail printing Phoenix residents often rely from EBA printing. If you prefer posters or flyer printing, Phoenix area residents have long looked to us to help get their projects off and running. We offer fast, custom work and specialize in unique orders. We take the time to advise you on the best printing ad campaign for your target group, big or small.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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