Carbonless Form Printing for Services

carbonless form printing for servicesIn the service industry using custom carbonless forms for onsite services and quotes is a requirement for electrician, landscaping, heating and air conditioning, painting, and plumping businesses. Without a two, three or four part carbonless form you are creating all sorts of customer and business issues. Let me share a real life example with you.

So I needed a tree cut down in my front yard. I asked around and got a referral for a tree service company. I called the referral in the morning and by early afternoon I got a call from the owner that he had looked at the tree and left me a quote in my doorway. That evening I looked at the quote sheet which was just written out on a photocopy sheet of a custom form. The next afternoon I called back the owner and told him I would like to use their service. The owner could not remember my address, what the quote was for, etc. Basically he had no hardcopy of the quote he had done. I did get frustrated that I had to repeat myself and almost did not use this tree company for the work (what saved the deal was my brother-in-law had highly recommend these people because of the quality of their work). I have no idea how you can run a business if you are not keeping good records of all transactions done with a prospective and/or repeat customer.

A custom carbonless form printing job done by a professional printer is inexpensive to have printed and will save you a lot of headaches. You can do the actual design of the form using Microsoft Excel or Word which most printers can use. A typical printing company can do either 1 or full color printing and if they have digital presses can do as little as 100 pieces. The standard sequence (colors) for carbonless paper is white, canary (yellow), pink & goldenrod, so if you are doing just a 2 part it would be white for the top sheet and yellow for the bottom sheet. You can have consecutive numbering done so you can better keep track of service and/or sales forms. Additionally customization such as non-sequence paper (such as using tag for the last sheet of the form), creating booklets, 3 hole drilling, etc is also available from most printing companies.

Another advantage when using 2, 3 or 4 part custom carbonless forms is that you can include legal disclaimers on the back sheet that will protect your business from any potential litigation. In most States having the same legal language on the initial quote form, service form or contract will give an owner of a service business a much better “leg to stand on” if they find themselves being sued by a home owner. Basically you are providing the homeowner multiple notices of your responsibilities and what is and is not covered by your service(s). We always recommend that you seek out legal counsel to assist you in writing the correct language for your business.

If you run a service business, consider custom carbonless form printing. You’re losing business and time everyday without them!

Written by Glenn Cummins

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