Don’€™t Call it an Editorial Calendar!

Traditionally, print publishers have used editorial calendars to manage the publication of newspapers, magazines and books. Now, however, as content marketing is putting its foot in the door, more organizations are turning to a content calendar. While many function with content calendars online, others still use affordable, cheap calendar printing services to have these tools for use in their offices.

Background of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the umbrella term that encompasses all of the marketing plans that encompass the sharing and creation of content in order to engage potential and current consumer bases. Content marketing contributes to the concept that supplying valuable, relevant and high-quality information to prospects and consumers drive profitable consumer action.

The Look of a Content Calendar

Although the model and content of these calendars varies from one business to another, you will first need to determine how far out you wish to map content to your calendar. What makes the most sense for your business? How far in advance must you plan? Do you want a quarterly or a monthly calendar? By thinking about these factors ahead of time, you can help to keep your team on the same page, be able to outline deadlines and keep production consistent. You may consider the following elements:

– Metrics, how you’re going to track effectiveness
– Keywords for SEO
– Type of target audience
– When to push the content out
– Where to push the content out (print/online, Web site, blog, Twitter, Facebook)
– Internal deadlines and who is responsible for meeting those deadlines
– Overview and description of the content
– Type of content with possible post topic or title

Once you cover these bases on your content calendar, you can start to brainstorm other topics that are relevant to your business. Do you have any existing content that you can repurpose? Are there any new projects, company initiatives, new product launches or upcoming speaking opportunities or events? Do you know of any recent news stories relevant to your business?

By using cheap calendar printing services and developing your content calendar, you can work to ensure that your team stays on the right path to productivity. Although some companies find that keeping this material online is more helpful, many business owners favor the look and feel of a tangible plan without the risk of loss due to technical computer issues.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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