Don’t Think You Can Live Without Your iPad?

Are you addicted to your tablet? Do you rush to get the newest model of every Apple product on the day of its release? You’re not alone. However, as technology runs more aspects of our lives, a counter-movement is also forming. Here is a look at some of the things people are doing to break from the world of electronics, and rediscover the pre-wireless world.

Internet Limits

Kids are clearly some of the most tech addicted members of our culture. While their ability to breeze past family passwords and reprogram TiVos seems mystifying, there are good and bad sides to the amount of screen time they’re given. There are studies that show that kids are bypassing the slow, arduous task of handwriting. This is actually creating a loss of the ability to understand delayed gratification. The push of a button is instant and accurate. The painstaking care of hundreds of attempts before forming the perfect cursive capital D is something completely different, and there are some psychologists who believe that this is a skill that will lead to more success in adulthood. Parents who read these reports, and those who want more physical activity for their kids are investing in programs to limit internet activity, TV usage, and video games. If the kids want to be entertained after their time is up, they must go to the articles provided by the old fashioned magazine printing services, like Highlights or read a good book.


Some families have taken this a step further, and are creating days or weekends that are electronics-free. Some shun all machinery with screens, and others take it a step further and avoid music players as well. These weekends become a good time for families to play outside together, or have long dinners. For those addicted to online shopping, it’s a good thing that they still have catalog printing cheap, as paper catalogs would be the only acceptable media for at-home shopping.

The Extreme

There are families who have taken it to an entirely different level, and shunned technology completely. Some of these families are Amish, of course, but there are others who have chosen a year – like the Canadian family who won’t use any technology after 1986. This lets them watch movies on their TV with their VCR, but DVD’s are strictly off limits. They did buy a newer car, but will not enable the GPS, no matter how lost they get.

What does your family do to not get zapped into a gadget wormhole?

Written by Glenn Cummins

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