Get The Most From Your Holiday Marketing

holiday direct mail marketing tipsIf there is one thing we find ourselves saying quite often it’s this: time flies! It is hard to believe we have officially entered “holiday season.” What does that mean for businesses? It is time to start getting things finalized for direct mail campaigns. The experts at EBA Printing have a few tips for you to help get your direct mail printing project through the press and off to customers just in time.

Embrace The Theme Of The Season

The holidays are a fun-filled, joyful time – make your printed marketing materials reflect that! An exciting design that fits within the holiday theme will catch the eye of customers. Many people expect to receive holiday greeting cards this time of year, so why not give something along those lines a try? A festive direct mail piece that looks like a holiday card will be less likely to get tossed away. It is also a great time to send personalized messages to clients, sending them well wishes.

Spread The Cheer, Spread The Savings

Now more than ever, customers are looking for the best bargains for holiday shopping. Be the one to spread the cheer! If you have promotional offers, discounts, or seasonal contests going on, a direct mail piece is a great way to make those known. The goal is to get people excited about them so they will not only take advantage, but also share the info with their friends and family.

Get Started Now

Each year, the holiday season seems to start earlier. In general, it is pretty much fair game once Thanksgiving hits. If you have not already started making plans for the holidays, you definitely should! Be sure your company is ready to take full advantage of the season, both during and after. You want to stay ahead of competitors to avoid having to make up for lost ground!

If you have ideas for holiday print marketing and need help bringing them to life, get in touch with the experts at EBA Printing. Whether a direct mail campaign or printed materials to keep in your store, our quick, low-cost options will keep you on track and on budget.

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