Helpful Hints to Create Mouthwatering Menus

restaurant menu printing and design tipsA great menu design can truly enhance a restaurant’s dining experience. After all, helping your customers make delicious choices they will be satisfied with is the sole purpose of your menu. The key is to think of your menu as being more than just a list of your available dishes. It is truly a marketing tool you can use to showcase your brand and drive profits.

Our experts love helping restaurants across the country give their menus a fresh, new look. Here are a few tips to consider when designing your next set of menus!

Think Logically

When someone visits a restaurant, they will likely have a particular group or type of food in mind for their dinner choice. Sectioning your menu items into logical groups and arranging them sequentially will help guests understand how things are typically ordered.

Understand Eye-Scanning Patterns

Years ago, the general rule of thumb for restaurant menus was to place the highest profit items in the right corner. That was known as the “sweet spot” and was thought to be the first place people look. Studies are now showing, however that restaurant guests are actually more likely to read menus like a book – top to bottom, left to right.

Give Boxes A Try

Boxes help draw attention to a particular group of items. They are a great way to promote dishes with high profit margins. Try placing boxes in a few places on your menu to help separate and highlight the various areas.

Choose The Right Fonts

Your menus are like an in-house billboard for your restaurant. The right typography will help enhance your brand while distinguishing the names and descriptions for each item. It is important to keep the design clean. It is best to stick to no more than 2-3 fonts.

Pictures Are Not A Must-Have

Especially for higher-end restaurants, pictures are not a necessity on the menu. Food photography can sometimes be associated with low quality high volume restaurants so it may be best to leave them off your menu. Not all food photography will appeal to everyone and may not accurately represent the quality of your cuisine.

If your menu is in need of an update, get in touch with the menu printing experts at EBA Printing today. We will discuss your options and help you create a scrumptious new design!

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