How do People Choose Their Church?

EBA Printing has been an envelope printing company helping churches advocate for their community since 1959. We are a leader in the printing industry, and have assisted churches and other religiously-affiliated organizations in spreading the word of their congregation through sticker design and flyer creation. We also provide offering envelope printing services to help the congregation in collecting money for the church. However, some people may not yet have made a decision regarding with which church they would like to become affiliated. If you are looking for advice before joining a congregation, here are some factors that others have considered:


There are many denominations with which you may associate. Whether you are Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, or of the Church of the Nazarene or Assemblies of God, you will first need to think about whether you would like to remain with the same denomination. Some churches are more open to a variety of denominations within their congregations while others prefer that all members be of the same religious belief.

Type of Worship

Worship is the way in which churchgoers profess their appreciation and love for God, as well as their wonder of His ways and awe of His works. However, before you choose a church, consider how you would like to express yourself. Some congregations have traditional music while others are contemporary. Some churches sing choruses while others sing hymns. Think about whether an orchestra and a choir is important or if you prefer a full band. Hard rock, soft rock and gospel are all found in churches across the country today.

Size of the Church

Some people value a smaller congregation that supports a close-knit environment; a larger church fellowship may not be able to cultivate this same experience effectively. However, these smaller churches are usually unable to provide a variety of programs and ministries to their congregations. Consider whether you value a close personal community or opportunity for growth and participation within the congregation.


While many churches require you to dress in your “Sunday best” clothes such as a nice dress, suit or slacks with a jacket, shorts, jeans and t-shirts are appropriate in other churches. Before choosing a church, ask what is right for you and your family. Are you more comfortable in a casual setting, a dressy wardrobe or both?

These are simply a few factors to consider before choosing a church. Consult the church’s bulletin board, flyers or brochures for more information before making a decision. Churches often seek the assistance of printing companies such as EBA Printing to ensure that their materials are solid, concise and effective in answering the questions of many potential churchgoers so that you are sure to make an educated decision.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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