How to Properly Set Up the Files to be Sent to a Printer

One of the advantages of digital technology is that clients can create files that have an exact format to what they are looking for. Once the file has been prepared, the print office can print as many documents as possible, including booklet printing Chicago jobs. However, print jobs can be slowed down when something goes wrong with the file, whether it be in the wrong format or is corrupted. The print shop will then make a phone call informing the client that the file does not work. This can be problematic for clients who needed their prints today.

Determine the File Formats That the Commercial Printer Accepts

Fortunately, there are many ways to minimize the chances that there will be defects in the print files. The first step is to ask the commercial printer about the specific files that they accept. Generally, the best file type is a PDF, though commercial printers will sometimes accept other file types such as JPEG and DOCX.

Use File Types That Can Handle Different Resolutions Without Deterioration

Another consideration is resolution. Some image files will look great at a smaller resolution, but will look pixelated when enlarged. The best way to overcome this problem is to use images that are vectors instead of raster images. Vector images can be enlarged without any change in the image quality. Vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator handle vectors. Then, the direct mail printing projects will be of the highest quality and will really impress clients.

Learn About What Should Not Be Included

Clients should also ask if there is anything that they should not include in their files. For example, some commercial printers have difficulties with color bars, file date of creation or registration marks. Clients who are confused regarding what their files can include should discuss the matter thoroughly with the printer until they understand it.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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