Using Catalog Printing Services to Recyle

With increasing interest in the environment and lessening humans’€™ impact on the planet’€™s resources, many printing companies are turning to eco-friendly recycling solutions. At EBA Printing, we use catalog printers and have catalog printing services that can make products out of recycled paper and have a positive effect on forests. Nearly 35% of the landfills are comprised of paper; by reducing the amount of paper consumers put into the waste stream, the landfills won’€™t fill as quickly.

While we offer catalog printing services cheap without sacrificing quality, our customers can expect to receive the same products but in an environmentally friendly way. While some may believe that ink on paper is harmful and negates the recycling, the truth is that paper gets chopped when it is recycled. As air is introduced, the ink sticks to the air bubbles that rise to the top of the paper. The bubbles are skimmed and the fibers are then processed into recycled paper that resembles newspaper. While it is possible to completely remove the fibers, there is a chance that useable paper will be removed as well.

Although we live in a digital age where many get their updates from chatrooms, blogs and news feeds, companies who thrive on paper products are still using catalog printers to design and create their products. In fact, out of over 17,000 magazines currently in publication in the country, only 200 of them are printed on recycled paper. Moreover, roughly 20% of the magazines are recycled after use in America, despite the fact that they are accepted in most communities and easy to recycle.

Some may believe that recycled paper is of lower quality than fresh, never-been-touched paper, but by adding some fresh fibers and sorting extra material out of the pulp, some companies can produce catalog printing cheap, 90%-recycled magazine-grade paper consisting of only 30% post-consumer material. Many consumers can’t tell the difference between the two; considering the similar price and quality, the only thing keeping many from choosing to use recycled paper is its availability and awareness about the product.

We offer printing services to our consumers that include recycled paper. Here at EBA Printing, we see the value in taking truckloads of used paper and turning it into new paper versus cutting down virgin forestland. While we haven’t seen a large change in the percentage of recycled paper over the last decade, we feel that if we can do our part to help the environment and still provide a quality product, we will continue to do so.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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