How’s the iPad Doing vs. Calendar Printing?

Everyone you know either has one or wants one. Plenty of people you know can’t live without theirs. They are taken almost everywhere, and they’re quickly becoming as common as smartphones. But are iPads and tablets everything they’re cracked up to be? There is plenty of great technology combined into one small package, but is a digital datebook and game player really better than the daily crossword and a cheap calendar printing product? Here’s a look at some of the iPad features, their original inspiration, and a look at whether iPads really provide a better version.


Thanks to cheap calendar printing companies, the ability to schedule your life and check dates has always been reasonably portable and available. From datebooks to wall calendars, there has never been a problem making a calendar portable and easy to use. The paper calendar definitely has the price advantage. The iPad has the ability to save your schedule in multiple locations via the cloud.


This is the reason a lot of people begin carrying a tablet. If you are going on vacation, and tend to bring a dozen novels with you, this saves you valuable packing room. However, if you are the kind of person who reads on the beach, the bathtub, or amongst a lot of kids, this is a much more expensive “book” to replace. iPad’s are better at remembering where you left off reading. Books are better for loaning to friends when you’ve found a life-changing story. Booklet printing services have even begun offering digital copies so that you have the option of both.


The iPad can be chock full of games, but depending on the kid, it may require a lot of supervision to keep the tablet in one piece. There are some great educational games to play, but that’s also the case with earlier technology. There is no better indicator of kids’ school performance than a parent who consistently reads to their children. iPads can be fun supplements to help a kid learn. One thing it will never replace, however, is a great afternoon playing ball in the yard with your little ones.

The iPad has so many great features, but has it created options and variety to waste time or is it really supplementing your lifestyle and increasing efficiency? When you start looking at prices on gadgets or rifling through the latest titles on a booklet printing service site, think about what’s best for you and your lifestyle rather than what’s new and trendy. Adding to the quality of your life rather than the ways to escape it should be the key.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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