Marketing With Images And Words For Maximum Impact

A Patriotic Example of Images and Words

Visual marketing techniques have long been used to persuade people to do certain things. Among the earliest and most well-known examples of coupling an image with words is the “Uncle Sam” poster used to recruit soldiers for World War I. The original poster appeared in 1917 with the image of an earnest Uncle Sam pointing to the viewer saying, “I want you…”

In this case, it’s hard to tell whether the image or the words came first. It is evident, however, that neither the image nor the words are effective when used alone. Both must work in unison to be truly effective. Yet when it comes to drawing attention to the message and emphasizing its urgency, the compelling image of Uncle Sam’s intense gaze and pointing finger is absolutely necessary.

Images and Words Work Together

Many times in the world of advertising, image assumes a more important role than words. The creative director will often suggest to the copywriter the angle the copy should be written from based on the images the creative director has supplied. It also happens that a copywriter will compose a marketing message and a creative team will later supply the images. In this case, however, the copywriter keeps in mind the theme and visual aspects of the writing so that it will lend itself to impactful images. In this scenario, the copywriter will often supply image suggestions to accompany the copy.

Effective Catalog Marketing

All of that being said, the use of visuals, such as with catalog and cheap booklet printing, produce maximum impact with few words. The images in a catalog or booklet create desire for the product, and the copy takes a backseat by supplying essential information the purchaser may need. Product images provide the proverbial thousand words by conveying the look, quality and appeal of your merchandise.

There’s no more impactful way to sell your product than with a catalog or booklet that gets beautiful images of your product right into the hands of prospective buyers. Affordable catalog printing phoenix is one of the most effective ways to market your product. With the right catalog, you can see for yourself the amazing results you can get when the right images and the right words work together to improve your bottom line.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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