Measuring ROI on Print Campaigns

Return on investment (ROI) is a very important aspect of the business world. It is a key indicator that is used to determine the profitability of an expenditure. In other words, ROI measures the revenue generated by a company’s marketing activities. It is important because it helps make future business decisions to ensure financial success. Calculating your ROI will help you understand how well your business is doing and which areas are successful or need improvement.

How is it possible to measure the ROI on print campaigns? Print media is oftentimes a one-sided conversation. People create billboard ads, send mailers, or post flyers, so how is possible to track the impact that print has on customers? There are plenty of ways to track ROI for print campaigns and here are some of the ways it’s done:

Have a Strong Call to Action
It is important to have a strong call to action. This is the key to tracking ROI. Including a specific call to action is an easy and essential way to see your results. This CTA could be “Order Now”, “Subscribe”, or “Follow Us on Facebook”. In having these CTAs on a printed piece, you can track how many customers followed through and from which printed piece they saw your information.

Create Designated Landing Pages
Print and web work hand-in-hand when it comes to any type of marketing or advertising campaign. You can direct leads to certain pages of your website via print media. Then, you can track how many users are responding to your print campaign by keeping track of the hits on your designated webpage. Calls to action are the perfect way to lead customers to your landing pages.

Utilize QR Codes
QR codes can be printed on posters, flyers, or packaging. These codes can lead to a number of resources such as a Facebook page, Instagram page, or company website. By tracking the responses to these URLs, you can see where customers are coming from and seeing your information. It’s best to have QR codes lead to a call to action as mentioned before. QR codes could also lead to having clients subscribe to a newsletter or fill out a survey.

Take a Survey
This approach may take a little more work but it’s worth it. Face to face contact resonates with customers more than digital interactions. This is not to say you couldn’t do a digital survey but you’ll lose out on having the personable factor. Ask customers how they heard of you. It might surprise you how many people heard of your company through print media rather than digital media.

It’s easy to track ROI for print campaigns and it’s definitely rewarding. Print is not dead, it is profitable and that’s why it is important to incorporate print into campaigns.

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