Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun Calls Fans To Apologize

After being suspended for steroid use, Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun decided to give one-on-one statements to his fans rather than to the Milwaukee printing presses. In a series of personal phone calls, Braun offered his apologies to season ticket holders and individual buyers. Saying that he wanted to hear the good, the bad and the ugly, Braun also gave fans the opportunity to hit him with the hard questions. In his calls to several dozen people picked at random, Braun received mostly positive reactions for his outreach.

Fans may forgive Braun, but calendar printing companies will have a hard time forgetting all the canceled orders. With a 65-game suspension set to begin, many people are choosing not to include Braun in their promotional materials. Fan apparel companies may suffer similar setbacks as Braun takes his hiatus. Dropping sales of Braun t-shirts and hats could lead to overstock and lost profits. If you’re still a Braun fan, it may be a great time to stock up on some discounted fan merchandise.

A business that has definitely suffered a loss is the anti-aging clinic where Braun was a patient. Biogenesis of America has been shut down after accusations that it provided players with performance-enhancing substances. While recovering from an injury in 2011, Braun admitted to taking banned substances from the clinic. In a phone conversation with one of his fans, Braun explained that a friend had talked him into going to the clinic where he received a lozenge that contained the banned substances. He also admitted to receiving a topical steroid cream from the clinic.

Although Braun expects some fans to still be angry with him, he plans to continue his phone call campaign during his suspension. In order to continue reaching out, Braun will need to look to the Brewers’ chief operating officer to provide him with more phone numbers. By dialing phone numbers that have been drawn randomly from ticket sale information, Braun is hoping to let fans know he wasn’t trying to cheat the game. If you still have questions for the slugger, who knows, you may even get a call.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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