What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Today’s consumers are all about options. Take the grocery store for example – for any given type of item, the shelves are filled with dozens of choices from brands to flavors to organic and more. With that said, when it comes to marketing your product, it’s a good idea to give your customers options. That’s exactly what multi-channel marketing is all about.

A simple description of multi-channel marketing is the use of a variety of tools – email, mail catalogs, website, retail stores, mobile, social media – to communicate with your customers, offering them the ability to take action (like buying a product) through each channel. As you can see, it’s all about choices.

what is multi-channel marketing?You may ask yourself why it’s important to utilize such a diverse range of tools. The short answer is you want to be where your customers are. In many cases, the use of a multi-channel strategy means you’ll be capturing most customers in more than one area. A customer who orders something on your website can be added to your mailing list, which means they’ll receive your catalog. After getting the catalog, they may see something they like and visit your retail store to see it in person or learn more. The combination of digital, print, and face-to-face marketing creates a cohesive experience and builds brand retention for customers.

Another reason a multi-channel strategy works well for many companies is the reach. If all you ever do is send out postcards a few times a year to similar mailing lists, you’re not helping yourself gain new customers. By using several outlets, you have the ability to target a broader range of customers, both new and existing.

The key to a successful multi-channel marketing campaign is consistency. No matter what channels you choose, it’s important to bring a consistent experience throughout each – both visually and logistically. You’ll want to spend time creating high quality designs that fit your brand image and tie all aspects together. In other words, don’t make a plain, boring email graphic if your website and catalogs are colorful and enticing.

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