Milwaukee and Their Brewers

EBA Printing has been serving as your Milwaukee printing company since 1959. In fact, many arenas and ball parks have turned to us for flyers and announcements to advertise their events. Many residents of Milwaukee support their hometown team and host parties or fantasy league huddles to watch the game. In order to get the word out, both business owners and party throwers turn to EBA Printing, your reliable Milwaukee printing company, to advertise.

Not many know that it is actually a tradition in Milwaukee to use the nickname “…

5 “I Never Knew That!” Minneapolis Moments

Serving as a Minneapolis printing company since 1959, we at EBA Printing pride ourselves on being the hometown hero when you need a quality product at an affordable rate. Because we’ve been serving as a Minneapolis printing company for many years, there are a few little known facts about the city that we think every resident should know and that we feel truly represents a city we love:

1. Medical Procedures

The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis saw both the first bone marrow transplant and the first open heart surgery in the …

Signs You Need to Update Your Marketing Plan

Maybe you don’t think about your marketing plan very much. Perhaps business is great, and you have a core set of customers that patronize your business every week, and you don’t think much about marketing at all. Or maybe you’ve just assumed that the decline in business that you’ve been dealing with was a result of the economic downturn. Whatever your situation, there are some key signs that maybe it’s time you consider a new marketing strategy.

Media Choices: If TV and Newspaper are your ways to promo…

Why Your Marketing Could Use a Facelift

The days of Don Draper are great for TV drama, but just like the regularly scheduled TV episodes of old, there new innovations that are quickly replacing old standbys. If you’re not sure whether your marketing is up-to-date, perhaps you should ask yourself a few questions. When did you last take a look at your marketing efforts and their return on investment (ROI)? How many new clients have you had in the past year? When was the last time you tried something new in your marketing strategy? If the answers to any of these questions are …

Back to School: Back to Fundraisers

When summer ends, it means a break for moms. It’s an end of having kids at home all day who need entertaining. However, it also means it’s time to help schools and clubs raise the extra cash for all of your children’s activities, extracurricular and school needs. Before you consider just the typical bake sales once again, try thinking outside the box for this school year. Here are a few unconventional alternatives.

Sell Swag: Whether promoting a little league team or your local elementary, having a good inventory o…

Don’t Overlook the Shop at Home Buyer

They’re out there – And they’re multiplying.

Online shoppers, once believed to be merely an introverted cabal of pajama-clad hermits, have expanded to include just about everyone. They are the moms sneaking in a few minutes to purchase goods during naptime. The multitasker without enough time to leave the office to run errands. The office manager with an eye for a bargain. They are the fastest growing demographic of customers for any business with an online presence.

Some of you have already been savvy at using t…

How Print Advertising Can Help Increase Your Marketing Reach


You need to reach out to potential and current customers, much like we do. We understand the value of customer relationships and we work hard to make sure our marketing plan reaches as many potential clients as possible. Don’t you think your business should do the same? Of course you do. In today’s economy, everyone seems to be turning to the internet for cheap and easy marketing. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the best way to increase your marketing reach. Direct mail printing and mailing is still the goto …

Chicago Printing Has A Name


If you’re looking for a source for trusty Chicago printing, look no more. We at EBA Printing specialize in delivering a quality product for some of the best prices in the windy city.

We’re equally adept at any kind of job — if you’re looking to upgrade the city’s fashion with a new Vogue, we’ve got great resources for magazine printing in Chicago. We’ll have you showing your new Sofia Loren all over Lincoln Park before we’re done. From O Hare to the Sears Tower they’ll be …

2 Part Carbonless Forms Are Good For Creating Copies

When the lights go out, Business Doesn’t Stop

Power outages can play havoc with businesses if they are prolonged. This is a good reason to keep a supply of business forms, 2 part carbonless forms, letterhead and envelopes available. There are a number of other reasons to keep a backup of these printed forms:

A network computer crash resulting from an online virus Unreliable computer backup systems When hard copies are the only accepted form of verification of important documents

Backup Business Forms – Reliable and Con…

Print Advertising Can Help Many Industries Grow Their Business


When you’re thinking about how best to support the sporting industry, print marketing is one of your best strategies for long-term growth. You can advertise your products while providing your fans with memorable keepsakes, as well as helping the sporting industry grow as a whole.

We focus on providing an excellent brochure printing Phoenix service that can let you communicate directly with your fans. Whether it’s a commemorative brochure to celebrate a team’s success at the championship or a catalog o…

Great customer service, friendly, easy to work with. The quality of the work is excellent. I recommend EBA Printing all the time.

Moshe R., Mequon, WI

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