Why Perfect Bound Printing Is Important


When you see an advertisement for perfect bound catalog printing, you may not know what it means, so you will not know if it is the service that you have been searching for. It is important that you take some time to learn about it so that you understand what it has to offer. This will help you to invest your money in a wise fashion so that you get the product that you want.

There are many different types of bindings that you can choose from, and perfect bindings are often used for cheap booklet printing because the cost is so much lower than …

Our Phoenix Printing Staff Will Take Care Of You

Do you need large format, short run, or mail format printing near Salt River or the Valley of the Sun? From the Gila River to Central Avenue, no one does special format printing or Phoenix printing quite like EBA Printing. In the subtropical desert climate around Phoenix it can be difficult to find a company that prints, ships, and delivers on time. EBA is proud to be that company. We specialize in delivering anywhere the customer needs, even in places like Lake Pleasant Regional Park or White Tank Mountain Regional Park if need be. Don&#…

Marketing With Images And Words For Maximum Impact

A Patriotic Example of Images and Words

Visual marketing techniques have long been used to persuade people to do certain things. Among the earliest and most well-known examples of coupling an image with words is the “Uncle Sam” poster used to recruit soldiers for World War I. The original poster appeared in 1917 with the image of an earnest Uncle Sam pointing to the viewer saying, “I want you…”

In this case, it’s hard to tell whether the image or the words came first. It is evident, however, that neither …

Reasons To Stick With Print Marketing Over Web Marketing


As a business owner, you are undoubtedly inundated with information about web marketing on a daily basis. Yes, the internet provides cheap and easy marketing opportunities. But, most consumers are slow to trust web marketing efforts. If you realize this as we do, then you know that it is probably a good idea to stick with print marketing.

Certainly, your marketing efforts can include web marketing strategies such as search engine optimization for your website or a social networking profile. But you will get the highest retur…

Does CD Booklet Printing Still Exist

Many businesses have the need for a variety of common printing services. For example, most will use our professional printing services for letterhead, business cards and booklet printing services. However, from time to time, you may have the need for more unique or customized Phoenix printing services. CD printing may not be as commonly required by your business as the need for letterhead or brochure printing services is. Because this printing service is not commonly used, you may be wondering if CD printing services are still ava…

Helpful Tips For Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns


We understand the value of your marketing dollars, and as a result we have tailored our services to help companies like yours save money on direct mail printing. Our services are geared toward not only providing high quality direct mail printing, but educating our clients about the marketing value of direct mailings and techniques to better integrate direct mailing into your marketing strategy.

One way to generate business is through a coupon book that is mailed to all of the individuals on your mailing list. For example, whe…

The Fastest Growing Print Type Today

Many local businesses make regular use of printing services for various needs. From business cards and letterhead to marketing brochures, booklet printing and more, there are a number of materials that most businesses will need professional printing services for. Most businesses have been using offset printing services for years, and this continues to remain one of the most commonly used methods of business printing available. However, digital printing was introduced in the early 1990s, and it has been steadily growing in pop…

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors With These 5 Tips

1. Select a company that offers a variety of services at one location. Examples of this would be our Chicago facility which is known for excelling in restaurant menu printing chicago, and booklet printing services. This factory also offers the associated finishing services for each of these items such as bindings, and laminating procedures. Using one shop location eliminates several service accounts with various other companies who may, or may not be familiar with your specific brands folding areas, or color requirements. One l…

Photoshop vs Illustrator vs InDesign

Two of the dominant programs in the graphic design industry are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Both programs take very different approaches to designing images. Photoshop creates bitmaps, which are essentially small squares that blend together to create images. These images have a resolution that determines how many squares they have. The problem is that increasing the size of the image will reduce the image’s resolution and lead to blurry and pixelated images.

Vector Design

Illustrator instead relies on vecto…

When You Should Use Thermography Printing

Thermography is a printing process that can create a raised effect in a print. The printed image is dusted with a specialized powder and heat is then applied to the image. The powder and ink then fuse together and create the raised image. This is ideal for many printing projects, including booklet printing.

Thermography for Low Budget Projects

Thermography is a cost-effective alternative to engraving. Clients who want the appearance of an engraving, but do not have the funding, can choose to use thermography instead.

Increasing Cr…

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