What Does PMS Full Color Printing Mean?

PMS (which stands for Pantone Matching System) or also called Spot Color is a numbering system for ink colors used by printers. Most page layout and design software programs allow you to use PMS colors by selecting the Pantone name or number. There are PMS booklets for the print industry which show the actual color of the ink on both coated and uncoated paper. This assures you and the print company a matching color each and every time you print. PMS inks are normally used with items where color consistency is a requirement, for example, le…

Selecting the Right Business Stationery

You have spent time and money creating a business logo to represent the services and/or products you promote. Now you need to select matching business stationery, envelopes, and potential business cards printing.

Your first decision is what grade of paper do you want to use? Your choice is premium stock like Classic Crest from Neenah or Strathmore from Mohawk; a mid-grade sheet like Atlas Bond or Royal Linen/Laid from Neenah; an economy sheet like Finch or Cougar; or lastly an inexpensive offset sheet. The premium and mid-grade she…

Need Speedy Production or Fast Printing – Case Studies in Point

We have gotten a national reputation for high quality and fast printing production when needed by a client. Here are some case studies:

Spring Creek Church located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is one of the largest churches in metro Milwaukee. We pre-print and warehouse 8.5×14 bulletin shells in full color and do a straight perforation on one panel. Each Wednesday we receive artwork that is imprinted in black ink on an offset press. The Church bulletin is folded (double parallel fold) on Friday morning and delivered to the church th…

What Does 4 Color, CMYK and Full Color Printing Mean?

The short answer is they all mean the same thing. The term “CMYK” is the most technical term and is used mainly by professional printers and designers. It is the mixing of ink colors on a digital or offset press to get full color printing. The C = Cyan, M = Magenta, Y = Yellow, and K = Black ink. A percentage from 0% to 100% of each color is mixed to create a palette of various colors. The term “4 Color” is referring to the number of colors that create the more technical term CMYK. “Full Color” is the most widely used term by people who print items like …

Custom 2014/2015 Jewish Calendar Printing Services

Rosh Hashanah starts on September 24, 2014 less than 6 months away. Now is the time to get your Jewish Calendar for 5775 designed and printed. EBA is your custom Jewish calendar printing, design and mailing company. Unlike many other printing companies we actually specialize in working with Jewish groups throughout the United States.

As your Jewish printing company,we print calendars for Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Synagogues & Temples; businesses catering to Jewish clientele, and non-profit fund raising organiza…

Using Catalog Printing Services to Recyle

With increasing interest in the environment and lessening humans’€™ impact on the planet’€™s resources, many printing companies are turning to eco-friendly recycling solutions. At EBA Printing, we use catalog printers and have catalog printing services that can make products out of recycled paper and have a positive effect on forests. Nearly 35% of the landfills are comprised of paper; by reducing the amount of paper consumers put into the waste stream, the landfills won’€™t fill as quickly.

While we off…

Booklet and Calendar Printing: Online vs Personal

When you search for cheap calendar printing , calendar printing, or booklet printing services, perhaps you’re looking at price as the only variable between services. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are some of the ways that the online only vs personal strategies differ:

Just Like Blue Jeans If you don’t understand why one method isn’t best for all, remember that most customers are not members of the sisterhood of the traveling pants. Just like it is unlikely to find ten women who fit beautifu…

How To Be Intentional With Your Message in Menu & Calendar Printing

Many business owners have an idea of what appeals to them. Certain colors, styles and fonts may really hit a message home. However, few realize the effect a certain image or color scheme will have on their clientele. Whether you are searching for menu printing services or calendar printing companies, there are a few factors that you must first consider to successfully market your brand.

What to Ask Yourself

Before you can design a product, you must understand what makes you and your business unique. Do you offer a product that few other…

Gourmet Milwaukee – Where To Eat! Great Menu Printing Styles

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to many fabulous restaurants. The city offers a variety of cuisines that appeal to visitors and residents alike. Whether you are a local seeking a new dining experience or you are a business owner searching for a Milwaukee  printing business or companies that produce restaurant menu printing  to launch your new establishment, Milwaukee is the perfect city to expand your culinary tastes.

Mader’s Restaurant

A prime restaurant to sample the city’s German cuisine, Mader’s is loc…

Who’s Your Team for Cheap Booklet Printing?

College football has been bringing fans together across the world since the early 1900s. Times have certainly changed, however, and now college football season brings to mind images of parties, fantasy leagues and supporting your favorite team with hats, jerseys and other apparel. Whether you are a business owner advertising events at your establishment through cheap booklet printing services or you are an enthusiastic watcher of sports, college football is definitely a time to sit back, try to relax and enjoy the game.


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