How’s the iPad Doing vs. Calendar Printing?

Everyone you know either has one or wants one. Plenty of people you know can’t live without theirs. They are taken almost everywhere, and they’re quickly becoming as common as smartphones. But are iPads and tablets everything they’re cracked up to be? There is plenty of great technology combined into one small package, but is a digital datebook and game player really better than the daily crossword and a cheap calendar printing product? Here’s a look at some of the iPad features, their original inspiratio…

A History of the Magazine and Booklet Printing

One item continues to keep booklet printing companies busy, and remains a favorite on bookstore, newsstand, and grocery store shelves. The magazine. These glossy page-turners can be artistic and fun. They are bought for the beauty of their photos, the long articles that expand on the current news, and the latest celebrity gossip. They are fun, quick, disposable reads that are easy to digest in small bites. How did it morph into what it is today?

Early Print

Early newspapers were published starting in the Roman Empire. These existed i…

Don’t Think You Can Live Without Your iPad?

Are you addicted to your tablet? Do you rush to get the newest model of every Apple product on the day of its release? You’re not alone. However, as technology runs more aspects of our lives, a counter-movement is also forming. Here is a look at some of the things people are doing to break from the world of electronics, and rediscover the pre-wireless world.

Internet Limits

Kids are clearly some of the most tech addicted members of our culture. While their ability to breeze past family passwords and reprogram TiVos seems mystifyin…

What Happened To The Scrapbook?

If you have a hard-drive filled with photos that have never been printed, you’re not alone. Like a shoebox of old photos sitting in the attic, many people are looking for ways to dust off their digital photo collections and enjoy them. As the thrill of digital photography subsides, there is a renewed interest in old-fashioned scrapbooking. Unlike the old days, however, modern day scrapbookers have a wealth of new technological resources to help them create amazing scrapbooks.

Photo-sharing websites, blogs and sites like Pi…

Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun Calls Fans To Apologize

After being suspended for steroid use, Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun decided to give one-on-one statements to his fans rather than to the Milwaukee printing presses. In a series of personal phone calls, Braun offered his apologies to season ticket holders and individual buyers. Saying that he wanted to hear the good, the bad and the ugly, Braun also gave fans the opportunity to hit him with the hard questions. In his calls to several dozen people picked at random, Braun received mostly positive reactions for his outreach.

Fans may fo…

Don’t Wait Until January This Time

New Years is a time of resolutions. It is also a time to switch from the old calendar to the new one. Often, these include calendars that your business, charity, club, or family has worked hard to put together. Of course, each year there are a number of bulk calendar printing products that don’t make it to the cubicle, office or kitchen walls until late January or even February. A late print job leads to missed opportunities, and a great fundraiser idea has become something to discount, or worse, not sell at all.

Attention all procra…

The History of the September Issue

Though print magazines may be losing sales, each September, magazine printing services face a huge job. Once upon a time, a cheap catalog printing of the Sears Roebuck offerings for the year was the highlight of magazine shopping. Now,the September Issue of magazines marks the beginning of the fashion year, and sets the tone for the eleven months to come. Each year it seems to get bigger. Here is a look at how this issue became as important as it did, and how it has changed with technology.

How September Became the Fashion Month

For social…

There’s Theater in Your Mailbox

Whether you have a theater company with active performances year round or a summer concert venue, calendars pre printed with your shows, times and ticket prices draw attendees and increase ticket package purchases. This is where custom calendar printing comes in.

Why Use it?

Imagine having to print mailers and brochures for each individual performance. If your venue showcases musicals, concerts, plays and other types of theater, creating advertisements for every genre could get stressful and expensive. However, you may consi…

5 Ways the Calendar Can Manage a Family

Whether you are “that person” who is constantly running around and juggling the needs of your family or you know someone who is, chances are an effective organizational tool can help to improve many families’ time management skills. Full color calendar printing is not only a bright, fun way to lay out your families’ appointments and schedules but it is also an extremely efficient way to ensure that every task or event is accounted for. Here are five ways that a calendar can manage your family:

1. Date Night


We Weren’t First in Second City

EBA Printing has been helping the Chicago printing industry since 1959. However, Chicago’s printing trade began over a century ago before EBA had the pleasure of working with the community. Currently, EBA Printing is proud to offer a wide range of products, low pricing and friendly service to our clients. It is our quality equipment and extensive experience which set us apart from our competitors. However, we can attribute our current successes to the city itself for developing the industry when it first started.

History of …

Great customer service, friendly, easy to work with. The quality of the work is excellent. I recommend EBA Printing all the time.

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