What Does PMS Full Color Printing Mean?

PMS_colorsPMS (which stands for Pantone Matching System) or also called Spot Color is a numbering system for ink colors used by printers. Most page layout and design software programs allow you to use PMS colors by selecting the Pantone name or number. There are PMS booklets for the print industry which show the actual color of the ink on both coated and uncoated paper. This assures you and the print company a matching color each and every time you print. PMS inks are normally used with items where color consistency is a requirement, for example, letterhead, business envelopes, etc. Also, a lot people will use one PMS color printing for carbonless form printing or flyer printing as a way to save money on their printing needs. With CMYK printing (full color printing) you do not normally use PMS colors except as a fifth spot color such as a metallic or fluorescent PMS ink. Using full color printing process inks for a converted pantone color will not be an exact match and there will not be consistency from print run to print run. Please keep in mind when looking at pantone colors on a computer screen those colors will not be accurate. They are displayed in RGB format (using only red, green & blue to make up a color). You will need to view a Pantone print booklet to see the actual ink colors. All professional printers have these booklets available for their clients.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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