Phoenix and the Letterpress

EBA Printing has been the Phoenix printing company many business owners turn to for their marketing and advertising needs. For over 50 years, we have been catering to your requirements for printing a variety of products. From full color restaurant menus to glossy brochures, few printing companies can match our competitive pricing and quality of service. However, while we take pride in our business, we are also thrilled to be a part of Phoenix’s rich printing history.

Phoenix and the Letterpress

Letterpress, or the imprinting of paper with freshly-inked symbols, words and letters, was state of the art in Phoenix. In the 1920s, The Phoenix Club of Printing House Craftsmen was founded and continued throughout the ‘30s and ‘40s. During its time, the club boasted hundreds of members who would gather for an annual celebration of printing and graphic arts exhibit. However, in the 1950s, the linotype and letterpress businesses began to decline as more companies turned to modern ways of producing their products.

However, as letterpress became abandoned by publishers and newspapers decades ago in favor of modern technology, a small community of printers and typecasters are continually fighting for its survival and the preservation of history. While some may be unfamiliar with Phoenix’s printing origination, many people flock annually to the city for a wayzgoose, a printing term for an opportunity for printers to ogle each other’s equipment and work, swap printing secrets and share stories of an industry that continually reinvents itself. In fact, one man has built a home for 18 750-pound typecasting machines and nine printing presses in an effort to preserve Phoenix’s printing history.

Here at EBA Printing, we understand the importance of preserving the community from which we came. While modern technology often lends us new, more efficient ways of producing products, the printing community must always remember the origin of printing and how hard the original printers must have worked to offer others with the same results that we aim to provide today. We take pride in what we offer and attribute the printing industry’s success to the invention and implementation of these printing methods.

It is important to appreciate the history of the Phoenix printing industry and understand the design knowledge, the mechanics and the tradition that physical type brings to a final product. However, even current printing companies such as EBA Printing can still relish in history while providing new methods of delivering quality products to our customers.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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