Planning a High School Sports Calendar Print Fundraiser

calendar print projectA custom calendar for your school’s sports team is great fundraiser idea. Raising funds for your basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse, soccer or tennis team is simple with a little pre-planning.

Selling calendars to families and businesses in your community will be well received because everyone likes to support a high school sports team. The key is getting everyone involved in the fundraising project. Here are the steps to having a financially rewarding fundraiser.

Step 1 – Whether you have done a wall calendar print in the past or not; you must pre-sell the fundraiser and get people excited about your plans. The best way to do this is start selling as soon as possible. You do this by talking with your booster club, business owners, parents of the athletes, etc. Let people know through social media, posters, articles in school newspapers and/or in the community newspaper, causal conversations with your friends and neighbors. You can show people a previous printed calendar or a mock-up of your planned calendar.

Step 2 – Get quality pictures showing the sports team and the athletes in action. The best way to do this is assign one or two people with good cameras to take pictures throughout the sports season. It will be important that these pictures are landscape in size with a resolution of at least 300DPI in a size of 11”x8.5” or bigger.

Step 3 – Consider including business ads in your calendar. This can be either an ad or two on each month or you could run a bunch of ads in one or two pages of the calendar. There are a several reasons to consider this option. First, you will collect advertising money from a sponsor which will help pay for the printing cost of the calendar. Second, these advertisers will become direct and indirect promoters of your fundraiser because they have a vested interest in the project. Lastly a number of these advertisements will offer discounts off of products and/or services which increases the “value” to a purchaser of a high school baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis or hockey calendar.

Step 4 – Find a commercial printer who specializes in wall calendar print projects. Pick out a printing company at least 3 months prior to printing your team’s calendar. A knowledgeable and experienced printer will help you in setting up your artwork correctly, provide you a 2016 template for the months, and preview your pictures to make sure the quality is good.

Step 5 – Get the orders and make money! First, you need to determine the selling price. The cost for 500 custom printed calendars is under $4.00 a piece and for 1000 pieces the cost is under $2.60. (This based on an 11×8.5 (folded size) 13 month calendar). The suggested selling price should be somewhere between $10 and $20 per piece. Now the athletes and/or the team’s booster club need to sell.

Step 6 – Make sure you order the correct amount of calendars. It’s better to over order then to under order. If you need to have more pieces printed there is no cost savings. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you ordered 500 pieces for the football team and you end up selling 700 wall calendars and need to reprint an additional 200 pieces. In this case your estimated cost would have been $2960 or $4.23 per piece. If you would have ordered 1000 pieces, you would have paid $2600 (even if you threw away 300 2016 calendars) you would have saved <$300.00>.

If you follow the above steps, your high school sports team will make a lot of money and everyone will have fun in the process. In addition, your wall calendar will be seen all year long building a strong branding of the team and their winning ways.

Great customer service, friendly, easy to work with. The quality of the work is excellent. I recommend EBA Printing all the time.

Moshe R., Mequon, WI

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