Preprinted Calendar versus Custom Calendar Printing

custom calendar printingPromotional wall calendars are one of the few marketing items that is seen by a client for at least 12 months. Many businesses will try to save money with their 2015 calendar printing by purchasing pre-printed calendar pages and just imprinting their company name on the back inside page (this portion is 2” to 3” long and shows your company name throughout the year). This marketing strategy does not build any kind of brand awareness or indirectly communicate the value and service(s) of your company.

Providing a piece that is customized each month with pictures of your business, people or products will have a much stronger impact with your clients. You can also customize the content for each calendar month to offer weekly specials, coupons for products or services, or special events being held by your business or organization. This type of branding campaign will get you real results that will show up in your bottom line.

Here are some ideas of what to include with a full color 2015 wall calendar based on different business types:

Car, Truck, RV and Heavy Equipment Dealers

This would include car dealers, heavy equipment dealer, RV dealerships, heavy truck dealer, and any other business offering high ticket items and services for those products. The pictures you should include are: the staff (sales, services, parts, administration), your building, the service area, some of your top line products (the ones that people always wished they owned), and the management team.

Professional Service Businesses

This would include banks, law offices, accounting firms, insurance companies, real estate companies and others. One option with this industry is be creative and provide people with action items to do each month. Another option would be to use stock pictures that relate to the city that you service. Don’t be afraid to “softly” ask for more sales!

Non-Profit Organizations

This group would include animal shelters, schools, sports teams & booster clubs, environmental groups, condo associations and others. Promotional calendars for these organizations normally include very specific pictures that relate to the activities of the group. These organizations will fully customize the months, indicating their schedule of events and activities happening on any particular day.

Why Custom Calendar Printing?

Since most printers today offer both digital and offset printing you now have a cost effective solution for printing as little as 50 pieces. When you weigh out the pros and cons of using either a pre-printed stock or customized 2015 calendar the choice is simple. You will get a great response from your target audience with a custom calendar printing piece that focuses on your business.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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