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Companies marketing their products, marketers and printers look forward to viewing each year’s batch of print award winners to see the creativity with which people use print media. The winners of 2012 were no exception and often won multiple awards from several organizations for their innovations.

Coca-Cola’s Amazing “Astro Turf” Billboard

Coca-Cola created a standout billboard ad that would have challenged any printer. Their task was to promote their environmentally friendly approach to soft drink manufacture, as well as their alliance with the World Wildlife Federation. What resulted was a 30 meter high billboard that was displayed in the Philippines. The concept replicates the look of a carpet sample with three dimensional green fibers.

The middle of the carpet swatch is carved out in the shape of a coke bottle revealing a white background. Beside it in white print it reads, “This billboard absorbs air pollutants.” The “carpet” resembles giant astro turf and is made of polyethylene with a tarpaulin back. The top of the billboard is made to resemble the top portion of a carpet swatch and proclaims in red lettering accompanied by a black and white World Wild Life Federation logo, “Coca-Cola helps save the planet with WWF.” This amazing billboard went on to win 18 awards.

Miniature Paintings Printed as Giant Cutouts

Another amazing print job was done for the Jal Mahal palace in Jaipur, India. Many beautiful, authentic Indian paintings depicting court life were photographed with special high resolution digital cameras producing huge 4-6 gigabyte files each. The colors in the paintings were then matched for 100 percent accuracy before being printed on life-size wooden panels. The ability to bring these intricate miniature paintings to life in such a dramatic way grabbed the attention of India’s media, as well as international news outlets.

The Football Cement Mixer Ad

A cement company received kudos for its clever vehicle stickers. This was not a print job that required expensive outlay–just a clever mixing of ideas (punning intended). The car stickers display an image of cement truck with a football in place of the traditional cement mixer mechanism. The message in black text below reads, “Mixing Football and Cement.”

When you combine a clever marketing idea with your product and print it using our quality print methods, the right image and the right words say everything. These popular stickers were displayed by football fans everywhere and provided free advertising for the company. The 2012 print award also placed it in a high profile position.

The New York Times 4-Color Printing Beats USA Today

The New York Times “In Style” Magazine and printing of its advertisement for the “Once Upon a Time” TV show won 2012 awards for 4-color printing excellence on non-coated paper stock. Printing your work consistently to the right specs pays off. While USA Today is known as the 4-color newspaper, the New York Times beats them for quality because they know how to print it right every time.

When you need magazine printing phoenix or affordable booklet printing, you can make your story ideas and the print industry work for you by using our consistently reliable and excellent printing processes. Your ideas will have the impact you need when printed on the right paper, using the right inks delivered by our quality printing solutions.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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