How The Print Industry Has Become More “Green”

shutterstock_224469256As a printing company, we’re often asked the question, “How is it possible to be environmentally friendly but use print advertising?” Many people likely assume all print marketing is harmful for the environment and that just simply isn’t the truth. The printing industry as a whole has made incredible strides over the past several years to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact for printed materials. Here’s a glimpse into those changes.

Reduced Consumption

You’ve probably seen the phrase “made from recycled materials” or “made from recycled paper” on labels, paper products, or other consumables before. Paper is one of the most recyclable products in the world, even more so than glass or plastic, and is one of the only materials that’s considered fully recyclable. The use of recycled materials to produce “new” paper means a lesser impact on the environment. When they were first introduced, these recycled paper products were pricier, but have since come down in cost considerably making them a viable option for everyone.

Cleaner Materials

With new technologies, the printing process continues to become more environmentally friendly through the use of refined materials. Today, inks can be made using ingredients like vegetable dyes. Additionally, companies are able to recycle cleaning solvents and waste. As mentioned above, materials can be sourced from sustainable forests, which helps to offset carbon emissions.

Efficient Production

The most considerable change among the printing industry is the way the forests are managed. Many people think paper production destroys forests, but the industry has taken great strides to make sure that isn’t the case. Through the increase of recycled materials and responsible, sustainable tree farming, the paper-making industry has made the process of producing paper much more efficient and safe for the environment.

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