Why Print Marketing Is Worth The Investment

is print marketing worth the investment?Marketing has become such a broad industry. Many companies struggle with where to allocate their budget. As experts in print marketing, we see the true value printed projects bring to companies of all sizes, as well as the return on their investment.

Especially for small businesses, it is easy to overlook paid advertising strategies in favor of free options like social media. While these are great tools, they are only so effective on their own. To truly capture their full potential, they should be used alongside other tools.

With all the digital noise surrounding consumers these days, it has actually been proven many people pay more attention to print ads than they do digital ones. There are endless digital ads – both text and visual – online, on your mobile phones, on television, everywhere. Because they are so common, people have essentially become desensitized to all of the ads and do not respond to them as often.

That is where print ads come in. They take consumers back to a place where they can see and process information on their own time, rather than flashing by on a device. You already have a leg up on the competition by approaching consumers in a different way. Studies show there is a greater emotional response to print ads. The ability to hold something in one’s hand will trigger a reaction you just cannot get from watching a commercial on tv.

We know the idea of “free marketing” can be tempting, but we can assure you print advertising is quite affordable. The friendly staff at EBA Printing works with you to find a solution that not only fits your budget, but satisfies your company’s needs and goals as well.

Get in touch with us today to request a quote for your next project, just in time for the holidays. We will help you determine the best approach to success!

Great customer service, friendly, easy to work with. The quality of the work is excellent. I recommend EBA Printing all the time.

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