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why printed newsletters are a great option for businessesMany digitally-focused marketing and social media gurus have been saying for years that printed newsletters (and printed marketing materials in general) are a thing of the past. The way we see it, that could not be further from the truth – and our clients would agree. It is actually quite unfortunate to think a company would completely ignore a marketing strategy, especially if they have never tried it.

As with many other printed pieces, the physical newsletter has in fact become less popular over the years. What does that mean for your company? It means you have the opportunity to make a greater impact with your newsletter. With fewer printed newsletters coming through the mail into consumers’ homes, you are more likely to get noticed.

Even when compared to low-cost online marketing methods like paid social media ads, direct mail newsletters have shown a great return on investment. When someone opens a printed newsletter they receive in the mail, they must physically open and handle it, giving them the ability to clip and save portions of it. Plain and simple, these actions cannot be replicated in an online space.

It has been shown consumers place greater value on printed materials over digital ones. Studies have shown those who subscribe to printed newsletters are more likely to read them regularly, whereas those who subscribe to digital ones only read them on occasion. That will likely come as no surprise considering how over-crowded most email inboxes are these days.

The experts at EBA Printing have been helping businesses throughout the United States develop effective printed newsletters since 1959. If you are looking for new ways to communicate with your audience, get in touch with us to learn more about our custom printing services.

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