Selecting the Right Business Stationery

24# Classic Linen – Avon Brilliant White using PMS 5405 InkYou have spent time and money creating a business logo to represent the services and/or products you promote. Now you need to select matching business stationery, envelopes, and potential business cards printing.

Your first decision is what grade of paper do you want to use? Your choice is premium stock like Classic Crest from Neenah or Strathmore from Mohawk; a mid-grade sheet like Atlas Bond or Royal Linen/Laid from Neenah; an economy sheet like Finch or Cougar; or lastly an inexpensive offset sheet. The premium and mid-grade sheets will have a watermark making these sheets more “regal” looking.

If you require a colored sheet (i.e. ivory, cream, grey, etc) then you will be using a premium stationery sheet. In addition, if you want a texture to the paper like linen or laid you will need to select a mid-grade or better sheet. For those environmentally conscious business owners needing a recycled content in their stationery your selection is limited to Neenah Environment or Atlas bond.

Normally the printing for stationery and envelopes are printed in 1 or 2 color using PMS inks. PMS inks will guaranty consistent color when you go to re-order.

One item to keep in mind, the matching envelopes for the premium sheets are relatively expensive. In addition, if your printing goes to the edge of the paper (known as “full bleed”) you will incur additional cost.

Before making your final selection on matching business stationery, make sure you talk to a printing expert and request actual paper samples.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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