Simple Ways To Improve Your Poster Designs

poster printing tipsPosters and flyers are two of the oldest forms of advertising still in use today. Starting in France in the mid-19th century, posters were used to showcase new products, events and more. After a short time, their use spread throughout Europe.

These days, posters continue to be an effective advertising medium for a variety of businesses. Interestingly enough, the best practices for design are quite similar now as they were back in the 1800s! Our fabulous team of printing experts has a great deal of experience helping clients create captivating designs at an affordable price. Here are a few tips to consider:

Determine What Content Is Most Important

It may seem obvious, but one of the most important design tips is to highlight the information which is most important. Using bold colors, unique fonts, or boxes are just a few ways to make elements stand out. Before you get started, create a hierarchy which outlines the level of importance of each element.

The Simpler, The Better

Posters are generally something which will be looked at in passing. They should contain enough information to get your message across, but not so much they can’t be read quickly. If you have more information the reader should be aware of, create a call to action – a QR code, website address, or phone number – where they can go to get what they need.

Test Your Design!

Before submitting your design, print out a scaled down version on a standard letter-size piece of paper. Tape it up on the wall, take a few steps back and analyze it. Does the design grab your attention? Do the important parts stand out? If not, you may want to make some edits. It also would not hurt to ask for an honest opinion from others.

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