Temperature Can Affect Color During The Printing Process

The next time you set out to create a new paper-based information medium for your clients, customers, vendors or anyone else who has a vested interest in your business, you may want to consider the temperature affects color during the printing process. With direct mail printing issues as well as anything that affects booklet printing Phoenix, you may have to worry about hot and dry temperatures that very well may cause problems in your printing project. Regardless of whether the issue is excessive heat and humidity, excessively dry and cool air or high heat with very little humidity, you — or your printing company — should consider the possible issues that may arise due to extremes in temperatures.

One of the very best things to be done when waging a battle against known temperature control issues, is to designate a room of the office building with a controlled temperature setting. Ensure that this particular room is set at the perfect temperature with the proper levels — or lack thereof — of humidity. By separating the printers, you reduce the possible problems involved with any varying temperatures throughout the rest of the building. When you isolate your printers, you stand the best chance of having the best printing result possible for your color printing projects.

Booklet printing Phoenix projects can be easily accomplished by having a staff, like the people here at Ed Bristol Advertising & Printing, who understands what is needed to control the temperatures and create the perfect environment for you to print a beautiful direct mail printing, catalog, brochure or anything else that you may be working on. An additional measure you can take in the effort to combat any temperature fluctuations is to purchase a higher quality — or heavier weighted — paper for your color printing job.

Between choosing the appropriate paper and isolating the printing machines will help you stay on top of any possible problems involved with varying climates within your building so your project will come out perfect.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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