The Best Type Of Paper To Use When Printing Catalogs

When you are setting out to produce catalog printing Chicago, you may ask yourself what the best type of paper is for such a project as a catalog or booklet printing project. You should keep in mind that you want to find something that will stand the test of a reasonable amount of time, transport via mail or some other type of delivery service and possibly being passed around by several people, which would be the ideal scenario, of course. You want to make your catalog project count while catching the eye and holding the attention of your customer base.

One of the most critical elements of creating a catalog, especially in relation to selecting paper is understanding that your end product should be sleekly appealing and fresh to the eye, crisp to the touch and durable. You will need to find a paper that is sure to maintain the integrity of your chosen images so that they pop off the page and into your readers’ imaginations. The truly most important element is finding something that feels good in your customers’ hands. If the paper feels good, the customer will hold onto it longer than something with gritty paper that may shed printing colors onto their hands. That is no way to hold any reader’s attention.

Booklet printing of any kind requires you to consider whether you want glossy paper or not. Most of the time, the most impressive and successful catalog printing Chicago projects involve glossy, or coated, paper, since it does tend to feel good in the hands of readers. In addition to glossy paper, you will need to select the weight of your paper, which comes in increments such as 50 pound, 60 pound, etc. Paper may also be measured by thickness or a set of “points” to help you understand the quality of paper that you are considering. Looking at samples may help you choose the paper for your catalog project.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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