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Many local businesses make regular use of printing services for various needs. From business cards and letterhead to marketing brochures, booklet printing and more, there are a number of materials that most businesses will need professional printing services for. Most businesses have been using offset printing services for years, and this continues to remain one of the most commonly used methods of business printing available. However, digital printing was introduced in the early 1990s, and it has been steadily growing in popularity since that time. There are several reasons why its use continues to grow at a substantial rate. After learning more about this printing method, you may wish to put its benefits to use for your business printing needs.

When offset methods are used for Chicago printing needs, a plate needs to be made of the image before it can be printed. While the cost per print of digital printing is more, the fact that a plate needs to be made with offset printing typically makes digital printing more affordable. This is especially true on short runs when the cost of the plate cannot be dispersed across a larger number of copies. Consider that because a plate does not need to be made with digital printing, this method also results in faster turnaround time on the printing job requested.

Further, digital printing involves printing from a computer file. When a change needs to be made to the file, the print job can immediately cease, and the change can be made. On the other hand, a change to an order with offset printing can be costly and time-consuming, as it will require a new plate to be made.

The fact is that whether you need a few copies of a file professionally printed or you want to enjoy the flexibility in making revisions to a file without incurring significant cost, you can do so with digital printing. This printing method is growing increasingly popular because it offers you the ability to save time and money while adding flexibility and convenience to your print jobs.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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