Tips For Creating Great Business Cards

tips for creating great business cardsFor many people, your business card acts as a first impression. A chance to grab their attention and impress or, in some cases, miss the mark. Our team of printing and design experts at EBA Printing want to help you create stunning, high quality business cards you can be proud of. Here are a few tips you can consider when working on a design.

Try It On For Size

The first thing to determine is the size of card you will be printing. The standard dimensions for business cards are 3.5 x 2 inches. The standard size fits nicely into a wallet or card holder. The last thing you want is to design a card people will end up losing because it doesn’t fit in their card case!

Preparing The Bleed Area

What makes a business card look professional and polished is edge to edge printing. This means any color or background imaging will go right to the edge of the card. When setting up your document, you’ll want to be sure you’re accounting for at least a 1/8” bleed. As you make the design, you’ll want to extend any color blocks or images into that bleed area to ensure the edge will be covered during the cutting process. You can also set up a “safe area” on the document – a guide just slightly inside the cut lines – to be sure you’re not getting too close to the edge with important info.

Be Sure Your Text Is Readable

This is one of the most important elements. Often when designing a card, the file appears larger on your screen than it will be after it’s printed. Because of this, the font size must be taken into account. You want to be sure fonts are large enough to be clearly legible, but not so large they crowd the card’s space.

What To Include

It may seem obvious, but there are several pieces of information you should include on a business card. Those items include:

  • Your Name – Use the name your clients or contacts know you by.
  • What You Do – A company name and title are great to have. If you’re designing personal business cards, you can use more general terms rather than a specific title. You don’t need to include a company name if you don’t want to.
  • Contact Info – The main two are phone and email, but you can also include a website or social media profiles as well.

If you’re looking to get started on a new business card design, get in touch with a representative at EBA Printing today. We’ll help you properly set up your document for the best results!

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