Understanding Colors

Color is so powerful that it can persuade, motivate, inspire and touch people’s soft spot – the heart. This is the reason why understanding colors is pretty crucial in relating and communicating with other people. Not only that, it is also important to businesses in order for their business to sell.

There are many uses of colors. Here are some of the many:

1. Commercial Offset Printing. In the commercial printing industry as well as the online printing services interface, colors are essential to ascertain the efficiency of the printed materials. Usually, printing companies use four-color printing, two-color printing and Pantone which is also known as PMS.

Four-color printing also known as full color or 4 color printing is a process of creating colors using the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) colors. Instead of physically mixing the colors, four colors mix a spectrum of colors using CMYK in order to create the colors desired.

Two-color printing is a color printing process which uses two colors only. This is especially applicable in printing 2-colored logos and postcards. This process is one of the cheapest among the printing processes available these days.

Pantone or PMS (Pantone Matching System) is a color system of mixed inks. If you want a specific color for your company logo this is the right color printing process for you. PMS is capable of finding the exact color that you need. Nonetheless, this may be a little costly compared to the rest.

2. Colors in the Computer Monitor. In order to create colors in the motor, it uses three base colors with full spectrum – Red, Green and Blue. By simulating these three colors, other colors are formed. Each base color has 0 or no light emission to 255 or full light emission.

Computer monitors can also convert RGB to CMYK colors. The need is to ascertain the equivalent color of RGB to CMYK so that the print results are similar to that displayed on the monitor.

3. Paints. Industrial paints need specific colors to complement fixtures and designs. Usually, industrial paints are matched using the Pantone Matching System. To do this, choose a PMS color first then your choice of paint. That way it will be easy to pick paint colors.

4. Desktop Printers. Use the four-color printing system to reflect an accurate color for your documents, pictures and graphics. What you see on your monitor may not appear exactly as printed. This is because computer monitors are using RGB color system.

Now, you can zero in on your color preferences. Good luck!

Written by Glenn Cummins

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