Use Coupon Booklets For Summer Sales

Summer is a time of year when companies around the country are starting to increase the number of sales. With more men, women and teens out taking vacations and ready to spend a little extra cash, it is the perfect time to bring in customers with a sale. The goal of the big summer sale is bringing in more customers via coupons, specials and discounts that will help gain improved brand recognition and client loyalty.

Coupons and Catalogs
Summer sales are not always about giving away everything in the store for rock-bottom prices. Instead, it is about enticing customers to buy specific products while browsing and purchasing other items at the same time.

One method of bringing in customers for a sale is through coupon booklets printing. By printing out coupon books and sending them to potential customers in the local area or store membership and credit card holders, it is possible to direct spending to older inventory or items the store needs to move out.

Catalog printing is similar, but it does not provide coupons to select customers. Instead, a catalog is sent to as many individuals and families as possible advertising the summer sales and show casing items that the store needs to move out for the next season of goods to come in. The catalog provides an enticing sample of sale items to gain attention so that the sale brings in as many potential customers as possible.

Other Marketing Options
Businesses can opt for other marketing solutions beyond just coupons and catalogs. Options range from flyer printouts sent to every home in the local area with a basic advertisement to using commercials on TV or on the radio.

The more advertising a company does to promote those special rates, summer sales and great deals, the better the sale will ultimately turn out.

Summer does not need to become a slump season for a store. Instead, it is an opportunity to take advantage of the sale option to bring in new customers and improve brand loyalty.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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