Why Should You Use Direct Mail Marketing?

why you should be using direct mail marketingIn a digital-focused world, we often get asked the question “why should we use direct mail instead of email?” There’s no question technology has completely changed the marketing industry as a whole, but it has (in a sense) helped to boost the effectiveness of traditional print marketing materials. Here are a few reasons direct mail marketing is a great thing to consider for your business.

Greater Trust

An increasing concern for consumers today is privacy and identity protection. With the unbelievable number of websites out there, it’s no wonder people fear having their personal information being compromised. Because of this, the level of trust in electronic communication has continued to go down.

“You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.” You’ve probably heard it before. Direct mail allows you to provide as much information as you’d like without setting off any alarms. Beautifully designed direct mailers are considered a bonus, not a red flag.

Email Overload

Most people get a large number of emails each day. To be completely honest, most of those emails aren’t read or seen – they’re simply moved directly to the virtual trash. Simply put, email is just too much sometimes. Your message gets lost in the inbox abyss.

It could be argued that people throw away physical mail pieces, too, but it’s far less likely for someone to take the mail out of their mailbox and throw it all in the trash (like hitting “select all” and “delete” on your email). Most people peruse through direct mail, usually right when they get it. That means there isn’t as much “backlog” like their email and a better chance for your piece to be read.


Direct mail is about as close as you’ll get to door-to-door sales without physically knocking on someone’s door. A well-designed direct mail sales piece provides the same experience as being welcomed into their home to pitch your product. Though email is viewed on smartphones (which, for most people, are on them all the time), an email just doesn’t offer the same level of personality as a physical piece of mail. Direct mail helps break down the barrier of multi-tasking in a digital world.

Our direct mail experts have been producing high-quality, affordable pieces since 1959. EBA Printing is a trusted source for effective print marketing campaigns for companies throughout the U.S. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you get better leads for your business.

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