When You Should Use Thermography Printing

Thermography is a printing process that can create a raised effect in a print. The printed image is dusted with a specialized powder and heat is then applied to the image. The powder and ink then fuse together and create the raised image. This is ideal for many printing projects, including booklet printing.

Thermography for Low Budget Projects

Thermography is a cost-effective alternative to engraving. Clients who want the appearance of an engraving, but do not have the funding, can choose to use thermography instead.

Increasing Credibility and Professionalism

While affordable, raised prints look high-quality and professional. Businesses that want to increase their credibility and attract the eyes of clients might choose thermography for their printed materials. Print materials that often work well with thermography can include greeting cards, business cards, stationery, invitations letterheads, brochures, reports and envelopes.

Thermography for Special Events

Thermography is a common choice for special events, such as weddings. Using thermography gives the invitations an elegant look that is suitable for the special event.

Glossy or Traditional Look?

One way to determine how to determine whether thermography is right for a print job is to determine whether the project would call for a glossy look, which thermography creates. Some clients want the glossy look, while other clients want what looks like a matte-finish. Some clients are going for a trendy and modern look. Other clients might feel that they want a more traditional look provided by engravings. One type of project that would benefit from thermography is catalog printing Chicago, which often strives for the glossy look.

Considering Ink Limitations

There are limitations with the types of inks that can be used with thermography. Clients should make sure that they are happy with the type of ink that they are able to use with the thermography process. For example, clients cannot use thermography with white ink. However, for many projects, thermography is the ideal solution.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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