Working At A Printing Company Is Rewarding

Every work environment has potential safety and health hazards that employees may be unaware of. The printing industry is no exception. There are a few health risks involved in working for a printing company. OSHA has specific regulations in place to greatly minimize these risks for employees, and all printing companies are required to follow safety procedures.


Repetitive and demanding movements are a large part of working for a printing company. Employees will often perform similar activities each day of work. This can lead to overuse injuries. A proper fit for chairs, tables and tools used to perform tasks is strongly helpful for reducing vulnerabilities to injury at work. Booklet printing, screen printing and banner printing jobs require ergonomic support for all employees.

Equipment Operation

There are risks with any job that involves equipment use. Safe equipment operation will reduce risk of injury. Employees running printing services should be aware of things that can fall, cause electrical shock or crush any limbs in the way. Equipment operation injuries and death are very rare in the printing world, but they are a possibility. Potential workers in this field should be aware of how to use equipment safely.

Hazardous Substances

Printing inks, toners and other components may be toxic in high volume. Magazine printing Phoenix uses a high amount of ink each month. Employees work with this ink. If there is a spill, then employees must be prepared to safely clean up the toxic ingredients and ventilate the area. Ink in the mucus membranes requires emergency care.


Working for a printing company isn’t a high-risk job, but there are specific procedures to follow to eliminate injury and health risks while on the job. Employees can expect to be trained thoroughly on how to use equipment, safety regulations and what to do when there is an ink spill.

Written by Glenn Cummins

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