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The most common step skipped by many designers is setting up the “bleed” on a file. When printing to the edge of the paper, your design must go beyond the finished size of the piece by at least 1/8 inch. This process is called “bleed” or “full bleed”. The bleed is trimmed off during the bindery process, but allows forgiveness of any movement in the paper during printing. The background colors and content that extends into the bleed area ensures for no unprinted edges in the final product. It is almost impossible to print exactly to the edge of the paper so it is absolutely necessary to include a bleed. Even when some designers have the artwork setup correctly they may not have exported the PDF correctly out of InDesign (InDesign is standard program used by most professional graphic designers).

When creating the bleed on your piece you want to make sure you extend all the background images and content to the bleed line. Do not move any important images and/or copy closer to the edge. Please remember the bleed area will be trimmed off.

Here are the necessary steps to generate a PDF from InDesign file:

1. File> Adobe PDF Presets > [PDF/X-1a:2001]
2. Name File and Select Location, Click Save
3. Change Compatibility to Acrobat 7 or Higher
4. Select Marks and Bleeds from side panel
5. Click Crop Marks (Do not select any other printer marks)
6. Set Offset: .1875 inches ***Extremely Important***
7. Set Bleed: .125 inches on all sides

Another solution (although not the preferred method) is to increase your artwork by 2% to allow for bleed. However, all important content and text must be at least 1/4 inch from the edge when using this method. If this method does not work you must reduce all artwork by 2% and allow a white margin all the way around your artwork. Some clients will opt for either one of these solutions due to a strict deadline.

EBA Printing prepress group will review your artwork files when you place your order and will notify you if there is an issue with your artwork.

Great customer service, friendly, easy to work with. The quality of the work is excellent. I recommend EBA Printing all the time.

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