Below is the most typically type of folds for a four page brochure (flat size is 11″ x 17″).
Note: If your 11 by 17 marketing piece is a direct mailer, the cheapest mailing cost (both for postage and direct mail services) is either a quarter fold or half fold and then trifold. When looking at the mailing panel (final folded piece), if the fold is on the bottom and the opening is on the top you only need one wafer seal (closure tab) and the piece will qualify for letter-size (cheapest postage) for either 1st or 3rd class mail.
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Half Fold

image of half fold printing

Trifold (Also known as Letterfold) – 6 Panels

image of trifold printing

Z Fold – Six Panels

image of Z fold printing

Roll Fold (Also known as Double Half Fold) – 8 Panels

image of roll fold printing

Quarter Fold (Fold in Half and then Half Again)

image of quarter fold printing

Half Fold and Tri-fold

image of half trifold printing

Accordion Fold

image of accordian fold

Gate Fold

image of gate fold

Double Gate Fold

image of double gate fold

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